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Online tutoring mathematics

Do you have trouble with math?

Do you get lesser grades and do you want to improve that?

Then you've come to the right place!

We can help you with every level of math!

We ensure with 1 on 1 online tutoring that you can better keep up with the lesson and go towards the tests with more confidence!

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About The Learning Family

The Learning Family was founded for pupils, students, young people and adults who have difficulties with arithmetic and mathematics. Also because of the learning disadvantages that have been built up, we want to ensure that students participate more easily in the lessons. By having 1 on 1 guidance, enough time and patience, the students are optimally guided with the stumbling blocks of arithmetic and mathematics.

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Avoid missing out on your exams...

Want to get better grades on your tests? Would you like to have fewer teachers nagging at you? Can you keep up in class?

That's all a thing of the past when you start taking tutoring! Request your free tutoring here and together we will see what you need and make a plan of action, how that will be achieved!