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Learning never stops


My mission is that pupils, students and adults do not build up too great a disadvantage with mathematics and arithmetic. You use these subjects throughout your life and it is a shame if you do not master them well. That is the reason why The Learning Family was founded, we offer everyone a chance to quietly go through the material with someone who really knows the material and has all the patience to explain it to you. So that the important tests and exams can be taken with complete confidence!

Who am I?

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Quinten Mereboer

While working in education, I have discovered that many pupils and students have difficulty with arithmetic and mathematics. Also in my daily life I notice it very often around me. That is why it is my goal to give everyone the best possible basis in math. In part of the corona pandemic, schools have closed with great regret. Pupils and students have incurred learning arrears and have difficulty keeping up with class, these students also deserve extra guidance so that everything can be obtained from these students. In a class it is sometimes difficult to concentrate and you do not always receive sufficient guidance. That is also why it is useful to receive 1 on 1 guidance, so that your results at school, during your studies and in daily life go up!

Welcome to The Learning Family and I hope to see you soon!


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Tutoring Mathematics

Do you have trouble with math?

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We can help you with every level of math!

With 1 on 1 online tutoring, we ensure that you can keep up better in class and that you will go with more confidence towards the tests.